Thursday, July 30, 2009

I was recently asked about my life as an artist. The things I have done to arrive at the point to where I am now. How did I become what I am, where I learned things, who I studied under, and how I do what I do. I never thought much about this being interesting to anyone, and therefor have not really put this to much thought. I find it curious, that so many people have asked me, and it doesn't seem to be a random thing. So, I guess, in some of the continuing blogs ahead, I will discuss some these things as well as anything I can think will add interest to the pot. 
  A good art patron and acquaintance of mine, who runs a chain of coffee shops and sandwich shops, prompted this essay into my life. It may help some of you who may wish to travel the life of an artist on their own. So, keep on checking  back every now and then, for updates and additions to this journal I will keep active. Life happens as you do it, and so will this blog. 
I hope, it imparts a picture of the path that I have traveled to be where and what I am.