Friday, July 27, 2012

For those of you who have noticed an absence of posts for my newest works, you're not imagining things. I have been unable to post any pictures or visual data due to my hard drive crashing, bit by bit. 
This is not a pleasant experience to say the least, and it undermines the entire framework that is to be a blog. As an artist, without the visuals, I am reduced to verbal. Most distressing. I am told by professional tech guys, .. that my computer is too old, and needs to be gracefully buried. I don't disagree. I already have lost much of my valuable data, and it cannot be retrieved. 
All I can say is that, for now, its been a good run, and I hope to be back in the game, as soon as I have some technology to back that up. Free would be great, but I think that isn't going to happen, so .. one of these days will have to suffice. I hope to at least keep a verbal link open on my blog, and if nothing else, maybe I can learn to write out my finished painting descriptions to you. ... or not. 
After all, if I could write them, I don't think I'd need to paint them. Interesting thought though. 
So, check back every now and then, and monitor my journey. Its sure to be an interesting one. 
Now, I think I'll go brew a coffee. No technology needed on that one. ~ whew!