Friday, December 30, 2016

I'm now at the point where I feel I can do anything I want. I used to feel like I was pigeonholed into doing just one thing, because the emphasis today seems to be on that. Be this way or that way but not both ways. Art is art is art. I think I shall be anyway I want. I have painted long enough to know I don't need to keep checking myself. I am confident, I paint because I can, and because I want to say something. That is all that matters really. Not what anyone thinks. Its my art. My language and I feel it needs to be what it is. So, I work from abstraction to impressionism, to expressionist and whatever else happens to be a defining word for what I do. I really don't think my work falls into just one category anyway.
But then again, now that I think about it, .. it does not really matter. That I paint, is what matters. Not that I need to find a defining style for what I do. After all, that too might change, and it does. There is more than just one approach. The ways to speak in paint are many.
Styles are for clothes anyway. I would say, my art can be loose, expressive, sometimes abstract, and mostly using the energy of strong colors or contrast. But that has variables too. I do not acknowledge parameters. The art must be itself. And that way, it always is true. Not forced.
And by the way, .. its good to have added to my blog once again. Its been a loooooong time. Who knows when the spirit will move me to do so again.