Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Since my  blog seems a logical place to get out some pertinent information, I will post this here as well. 
Because a lot of followers don't always scroll down to see later posts, I will repeat some that I feel are important to all those inquiring minds that need to know. 
Here goes.... 
First, to all of you, or some of you, .. I've experienced a pretty extensive hard drive burn out on a lot of systems on my computer. That means, I lost mail, followers on my FB account, and many systems operations such as the ability to download new pictures to you. The same goes for all of you Twitter followers. If you notice a lack of tweets,.. very uncommon for me... this is the reason. Tweeting in nearly impossible and sometimes I can get the text on, and sometimes I can't.
For Facegook fans..  if you see your name missing on my page, its not because I dropped you, or put you in a "little black book" or something. Its simply, info. that got deleted and scrapped as my files were maliciously dumped by my ailing computer in order to save itself. Its running on life support at the time and I am walking on eggshells every time I request a function from it. Wondering,,, if this is the last time I'll see the screen even come on.
I really miss giving you the visuals on what I do, and in the meantime, I will try to create verbal visuals about what I do, and what I've done. I hope I can maintain this and I will try.  I know this is a pale imitation of what you are used to, but, life is short, and even shorter for computers.
Thank you for your following as always, and for my FB fans,  if you need to click on again and "like", please do so. I will try to re-establish my page as best that I can.
~~ I will repeat this post from time to time in order for all to catch it ~~~

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sometimes, pricing a work can be a real mystery to some. Many try to set up some kind of "normal work job type measure" as though they were working in a factory at GM or something. Well, it took $22 of raw materials, 14 hours of labor, and two hours of double time after midnight, then they divide by square inches and come up with... 
My head is spinning just thinking about it. A work of art is not
 a product. It does not get repeated and sold in bulk to a dealer like a box of cheerios. It can be measured only by the inherent quality that a the artist applies to it. That usually determines the cost. If the artist is realistic and keeps an eye out on the open art market, then he usually has an idea what a particular piece is going for, but the last word is ultimately the artists. A more successful work usually goes for more that one thats not. But this measure may not be apparent to the viewer. Only the artist. Works that match the intent of the artist and hit the mark are the ones you'll see higher prices on. Galleries know where the demarkations are on most works. Its their job. Size means nothing over accomplishment. A small work can rival a larger one if it " hit the bulls eye" so to speak. And then comes, reputation. You pay for "who" did the work. If Paul McCartney painted and sold a painting, it would of course cost more than if your old high school art teacher painted the same size and quality. To most, that seems unfair, and it may be, but thats the way it is. Brand names sell for more. Van Gogh was nothing at the time, but then became an "art rock star" after he went to the big easel in the sky. Now his name along will command exorbitant prices for even a so so rough sketch.
Also, experience, investment and dedication, track record of the artist involved and so much more. Its almost endless. Pricing the arts, is an art.
So the next time you ask an artist how he or she prices, remember, there's more to it than weighing a bunch of bananas at the market.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Keeping it simple. This is something that, for me, helps to make the statement live and breath on the canvas much more so than pounding out a the work until there is no life left in it. The essence of the energy that makes up the painting is fragile. If overworked, too much, .. it can kill the work. I now keep this in mind as I paint. Knowing that if that breath of energy lives on the canvas, to watch out that its not stepped on in an effort to "make a painting".
(bloggers note)  - I am resigned to writing for the time being instead of posting pictures that should be accompanying my words. I have lost my ability to down load pics, due to a hard drive crash. 
Words are the only thing I have that I can presently share with you at this time. 
As in my art, I use whatever I have at my disposal that works to get it done. Words still function and need no downloading. (knock on wood) 
So, .. just to say, 
thank you for your "reads".

Monday, August 6, 2012

Saying it with less. That is what I feel where my current direction is heading. Get it down, leave it alone. If I think about the process and rationalize the results, then stagnation is inevitable. The brushstroke must remain exactly that. Its what it is. If it lives, works and has life, .. then try to leave it be.  The subject helps spawn the way I approach the painting. If the subject has moved me in some way  that is good, but not always necessary. What I have derived from it all, internally, is ultimately more important to me. The  mood, a feeling evoked, a need to say something that moved me at some point. These are all motivators behind my brush. And lastly, .. I just need to tell it in paint. Speak it out. To express what I have been witness to in my soul and mind. Art, being of course, our first original language,  makes only sense to me.