Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The painting Break of Day, was a drawn from a momentary minute of inspiration. The sun was just cresting over the hill as I viewed it from the studio window. Not even having had my coffee yet, I was still rather in a mental fog, but I knew I had to record the essence of what I witnessed.
So, I grabbed a pencil and a scrap of paper and recorded the moment. I knew that if the sketch held true, then the painting would too.
Break of Day
acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A sketch can be a discarded napkin with some scribbles on it, or a piece of note paper or part of the grocery list. What the artist puts on it, at the time is significant, and is often used for further studies, or references for a work. Recently, I have been thinking about how I have been using the sketch as a step off point for a finished painting. Now, I am thinking, that sometimes, my sketch says it all. It doesn't need any further embellishment or adjustment. In, fact, the translation, can often be a step down in the original work, or sketch, and would be better off if left alone and appreciated for what it was. A spontaneous work, done in an inspired moment, and complete as it is. Why not, then, use the sketch, as the work, .. not as a point of departure.
I think, I am going to pursue this concept, to see what develops. ~
More on this later.