Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A painting? Perhaps. Because it uses paint? Maybe.
But there is more than paint here. And at times, paint may not even appear.
But at what point, does it no longer fit into the square peg of the "painting" definition. And does it really matter?

That it exists is the thing.
I am beginning to realize that I may not be painting anymore using conventional standards. I like to speak visually. To do this requires whatever I feel I must use to complete this visual language. That I don't adhere to the retail market conventions of this kind of brush, or this kind of paint, or paper, or canvas, or whatever, does not concern me in the least.
 What is important is I say what I need to, and however and in any fashion or means that I choose. There is too much to say, to let conventional hindrances get in the way. The idea, that a painting already had a preconceived notion and image of what a painting is, or should look like, makes me want to run in the opposite direction. I have no interest, in "making paintings". I do have an interest in speaking visually.
It is what it is. I suppose we can agree on this, Its just art. Let's leave it at that.