Monday, August 6, 2012

Saying it with less. That is what I feel where my current direction is heading. Get it down, leave it alone. If I think about the process and rationalize the results, then stagnation is inevitable. The brushstroke must remain exactly that. Its what it is. If it lives, works and has life, .. then try to leave it be.  The subject helps spawn the way I approach the painting. If the subject has moved me in some way  that is good, but not always necessary. What I have derived from it all, internally, is ultimately more important to me. The  mood, a feeling evoked, a need to say something that moved me at some point. These are all motivators behind my brush. And lastly, .. I just need to tell it in paint. Speak it out. To express what I have been witness to in my soul and mind. Art, being of course, our first original language,  makes only sense to me.