Thursday, August 27, 2009

I have been absorbing images and impressions on a daily basis. Soon it will be time to put these to canvas. The well is almost full, and the paint will soon flow.


  1. Just discovered you and absolutely LOVE your work!
    So glad to see you also paint on stretched canvas - so much easier for us collectors who'd rather spend the money on more paintings than on frames. :)

    Do you perhaps have your full portfolio posted somewhere where we can look and admire at our hearts contend?
    Would love to look at all your work and hope to become a proud and honored owner of some of your paintings soon!

    Thank you for delighting us with your magnificent creative gift!

  2. Hi Russ! I just found you on Twitter. Thanks for following me back. I love your artwork. I'll be following your blog now on Google Reader.

  3. I will be posting some new works soon. Hopefully as the new year rolls around and things settle down a bit.

  4. Paulthea, so sorry for the long delay. I'll try to post more work here, and on Etsy, but the amount of work I have to way to extensive to put it all up on one portfolio. Much of it needs to be structured as to the style and time it was executed, so as not to have it run together in a meaningless pile of nondescript mush. I will consider putting some older work, along with the new as well.
    Thanks for the look!

  5. MizKatie,
    Who would have thought 140 characters would have caught your attention. Thanks for the follow. Hope you return real soon!
    Note: I'm sooooo late with this response stuff! Shame on me. :)