Friday, February 5, 2010

Acrylic on Canvas
16 x 20
$124 --Go to Etsy for purchase info.

When I painted this, I wanted the lilacs all get together in this table arrangement. Like they were a family.
The bowl of fruit adds a bit of change to keep the composition lively.
I love the amber and rust tones throughout the painting.
This one of of many, of my Flower series paintings that I worked on with a passion.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! The colors are so warm and inviting!

  2. I like the title of this work. Neat!

  3. Thanks, Brigitte! Sometimes color says it all. I like to thank, that like a well prepared meal that is appetizing, a painting should evoke the same response. Color, balance, and presentation.

  4. MagMoment~ Thanks for the compliment.I figured that the six included the little bowl of fruit too. Sometimes, I don't know if I should title a piece or not. You know, it can lead the viewer to the wrong thing sometimes.
    But this one seemed destined for it.

  5. Just was in a show and the judges really liked and commented on the titles of the work. It gives them a place to start and another angle on the piece besides what they see and interpret.

  6. Thanks for the input Mag-
    I guess I'll start thinking about titles more seriously then. It's not easy though, after having worked on a piece, and then reducing everything you just said in paint, to a title. I think, maybe, I'll let it sit for a while, and see if anything surfaces. I find, some of my more whimsical pieces are easier to tag with a title, than, say a landscape which in itself is self apparent.
    ex. landscape w/old tree, landscape, Mt. Adams, etc.
    Again, its something I'll be paying more attention to in the future, for sure!