Sunday, March 7, 2010

Seaside Conversation
11 x 14
acrylic on canvas

My pen knows what it wants to draw,
As I sat in a coffee shop, pen in hand... a rough version of this evolved. When I returned to the studio, I made a painting from it. I don't really plan a drawing,, it just happens. I am glad that I don't gruel over the perfect drawing, because each one has something to say on its own. The pen knows.


  1. Spontaneity sure makes for a great work of art! I always wish I could walk right into your paintings and be a part of the moment!

  2. Your paintings are beautiful, and I'm really glad that I've stumbled upon them! :)

  3. Thanks Brigittemarie!
    That such a nice thing to hear. Comments like that really add fuel to my kindling of artistic energies. I'm really attempt to retain the energy of the original sketch which prompted the painting in the first place.
    Thank goodness for coffee shops. A lot of my ideas for subjects are born there.

  4. Hi Hanna!
    In this sea of internet info. it's amazing that you stumbled across me for sure! I'm so glad you did and that you appreciated my work. Stop by anytime to see what I've added. You can also find me on and
    Thanks again!