Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December in the Village
11 x 14
acrylic on canvas
Somewhere in Vermont, maybe East Arlington. The two figures in the painting are returning from the general store, having just bought flour and butter to make a pie.


  1. I love this one! Actually it kind of looks like Austria/Germany with the architecture and streets. Not that I've ever been, but seen photos of people who've traveled there :)

    Elaine (aka writerscanvas, your bud on Twitter)

  2. Hey there! Glad to see your comment. Thats an observation and comparison I use a lot for this area. I feel that a lot of towns and mountains in this vicinity do have an "old world feel" and I have placed the setting in Austria as well. It must be because of the old mills and structures that dot the landscape intermixed with hills of pine, spruce and hardwoods. This was one of my favorite paintings, and did sell rather quickly once it was off the easel. - Good to hear from you!