Thursday, January 27, 2011

As of late I have been experimenting with painting on heavyweight paper. It has a different feel to it, and I am beginning to like it. I also like panels and canvas boards, when I'm not using stretched canvas. The thing that I do like about paper, is the storage space that it offers me to file them away. Eventually, stretched canvas can run you out of the studio, if you try storing too much of it.
With the flatter surfaced panels and papers, its not a problem storing large numbers of works in a limited amount of space.
For now, though, I move around from surface to surface as I need to. Seems like I just enjoy the different feels each one has.


  1. I have issues with oils on paper. How do you prep the paper? Cuz the storage space is a major issue LOL

  2. Hi Leona, I use acrylics and don't have any problems with having to prep the paper. I find that they handle well on the surface. But I know you are using oil, and I too have used oil on paper. I found that I didn't mind the bleeding effect from it, as I used it to my advantage with the way applied the paint. But I have also primed the paper with gesso, and it works fine just as a treated canvas would. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  3. Hi Leona and Russ,

    Yes, gesso is definitely a good option to prime paper with. I even use plain white emulsion to prime paper or board that I paint on although buy a higher quality emulsion as cheap emulsion can sometimes crack. Also, painting with oils on unprimed paper is not recommended as supposedly, oils will, over time, cause the paper to deteriorate. Nevertheless, I know an exceptionally talented and highly regarded artist here who paints oil straight onto unprimed paper all the time as he disagrees with that last statement about the deterioration of the paper. You can see his amazing work here