Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birdseye Diner Yellow Coffee Mug
acrylic on canvas paper

About this painting:
People that know me, know one thing about me. I love my coffee. Not the milkshake, sundae varieties with names longer than intros to some novels, but rather the kind that pours out black and you add at the most cream, or sugar. or both. Well anyway, this is one of my many favorite coffee mugs. Having just finished my brew, I painted the mug, which is now immortalized in paint, for all time. It sits on an insulated fabric insulated coaster, available at WSDreams from Etsy.
I hope you like my mug, and my painting.
Someday maybe I'll paint my other mug, the one I see in the mirror. ~ ugh, or is that mugh!

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