Monday, January 30, 2012

Early this morning as I opened the shades in the studio, I watched the morning light change and create patterns against the woods and fields. I was about to run and get the camera, but then I thought, why photograph something you already have seen. Why not translate this experience into a painting?
The camera is never going to be able to put the feel and drama of the moment into something that is 60% visual and 40% experiential. Its that 40% that counts. Its what goes on in the mind and hearts eye. Its the guts of the moment of awe. A camera would have recorded it, and yes, you can fudge around with it a manipulate it with photoshop, but, I like to keep my hands and flesh on the controls as much as possible, and forego the techno-control over the final statement. Thats one of the reasons, I paint. Its the human element that has the last say. It was me that said it, and did it. So later, I took out the sketch book, put it down, and later I painted it. Its a painting. Its not a photograph.
This is it.
acrylic on paper
Sunrise patterns, against the woods and field.

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