Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quiet Cove Refuge 
acrylic on 140 lb archival paper

From a quick snapshot, to a sketch to an paining. Thats how this evolved. One of my favorite places along the northeast coast is Cape Cod. I love the tranquil scenes and subject matter. This painting is one of many I have produced from that area.


  1. I want to be in that chair...with an iced coffee and my book. But I would likely not be reading it. I would be staring out on the water. Slurping my iced coffee.

    This is really lovely Russ. I feel inspired to get out some old vacation pictures and try my hand at some landscapes.

  2. The thing I like most about your paintings is that you feel like you are actually there when you look at them. I've heard Cape Cod is a beautiful place, I'd love to visit it someday. xxx