Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Keeping it simple. This is something that, for me, helps to make the statement live and breath on the canvas much more so than pounding out a the work until there is no life left in it. The essence of the energy that makes up the painting is fragile. If overworked, too much, .. it can kill the work. I now keep this in mind as I paint. Knowing that if that breath of energy lives on the canvas, to watch out that its not stepped on in an effort to "make a painting".
(bloggers note)  - I am resigned to writing for the time being instead of posting pictures that should be accompanying my words. I have lost my ability to down load pics, due to a hard drive crash. 
Words are the only thing I have that I can presently share with you at this time. 
As in my art, I use whatever I have at my disposal that works to get it done. Words still function and need no downloading. (knock on wood) 
So, .. just to say, 
thank you for your "reads".

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