Saturday, September 15, 2012

Well, I'm finally back in the online mix. Its been a while but its good to be back. Been a busy summer, and doing back to back shows plus everything else I can get my hands on. The season is starting to enter the grand finale stage with October approaching.
  I do look forwards to the winter months in a strange kind of way. For me, its a quiet time. A time for quality studio time and plans and preparations for the coming year. My most productive times are in the midst of winter. Winds howling, snow flying, temperature dipping below freezing. Its weird, but this allows me to hole up in my studio without the summer distractions that lure me away to do other things.
 I'm pretty much "showed out" from all the summer fare. Set up, take down, set up, take down, and on and on. It can get really tiring. And having to fake a smily face all the time at these shows can really take a toll on your face. I think I might need some wrinkle cream.
 Anyway, they play a part in keeping the survival boat afloat so to speak.
But, with winter approaching, my attention will be more inclined to be focused on online activity and sites that carry my work.
Speaking of which, .. in case you haven't heard,.. you can catch some of my work on the set of NBC's New Season of Parenthood. Tuesdays, at 10 EST. Its in the Braverman's household. From my studio here, to the studios at Universal. Not a bad transition if I say so myself.
Well, that's about it for now. I don't want to tire my delicate painting fingers on this infernal keyboard.
Till later,..

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