Friday, November 16, 2012

So not having any idea of what I'm going to paint, I just take this paper, cut it to a size, and affix it to a board on my easel. 
  Then I get out some colors, mostly some primaries and started to put down some red, then blue, in a random fashion. I began to see a form, abstract in shape, but nevertheless a diverse form. So I went with that. I got to a point where it congealed to an interesting subject. Once I saw that it was of interest to me,
I left it alone to live. 

Paintings don't need finish, they need to take root in their own way. Once the work begins to live, its a fragile thing.  I hate it when I persist in getting in the last word on an already evolved piece.  Restraint from dabbling is necessary at this point, unless the intent is to dabble. 
Anyway, I called it,          
 8x8 inches
 acrylic on paper

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