Monday, November 19, 2012

There's a place I go sometimes to sit, doodle, drink coffee. Its called "Juice n' Java". I just happen to doodle my way into a pen and ink sketch one day of the table in front of me. When I got back to my place where I paint, (formerly known as a studio) I transferred it onto canvas. I followed up on this theme, by painting various coffee shops around the county. The exhibit of the originals spanned the area as they showed from town to town, coffee house to coffee house. Some of the paintings are long gone now, but I do have prints of these to remember them by. And, I still go to that same place to doodle and have my coffee. And, now as I sit in this cafe having my cup of joe, I can look up on the wall, and see this very image framed on the wall, just above where I sit. How cool is that? 

The Coffee House
8x10 Signed print from original painting
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