Friday, November 23, 2012

Woodland Autumn
9x12" on panel mounted on a 12x16 eggshell white backing
mixed medium
Overall presentation is 12 x 16"
This work has a wood cradle behind it and hangs without a frame
It will hang offset from the wall by 3/4" to give it dimension.
Available at:
Started something new. Not sure I know all the reasons why I paint this way, or that way. I do know that at times I need to get into my work in a different way. Like paint wasn't enough for what I wanted to say in this piece. I needed more medium. I am beginning to realize that everything can be used to "paint" with, and the expression of a work shouldn't be limited by the "way", or the "method". Sometimes paint is enough. Sometimes its not. I needed more this time. Next time, maybe not. Art does not follow "rules". Its abhors them. Its one of those things, that the more you try to restrain it, the more it wants its freedom. Kind of like people, I guess. Anyway, I grabbed glue, modeling medium, wood, paint and whatever, in this piece. It said what I needed. And, I was content with it when it was finished. What will I do next? Thats the beauty of it. I never really know what will come off the easel. 

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