Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's been quite a while I know. Lost in my own little sea of things. Since the last time I added anything here was before Dec. or so, and since then I have been painting feverishly. Landscapes, abstracts, still life, seascapes, and more. My last and most recent is this one posted below. I find that when I do a sea related theme, I get so many wonderful compliments that I wonder what I did that was any different than when I paint a landscape. I have come to the conclusion, that people just relate to the sea. Period. Yes, they enjoy looking at a landscape too, but the fervor is not as high with those. That said, ... I do love to paint sea related themes and subject. The irony is, .. I don't live by the sea. I'm about 175 miles inland, in a mountainous hilly area with woods, lakes, streams, and farm fields. Its also, laced with old mills and factories from days past. I have painted those over and over, but the appeal to the public is shallow on those. People have an affinity for ocean, sea, coastal scenes. Romantic I guess. When I get to visit the shoreline, I make a point to get a lot of sketches and photos so that I may work them into paintings when I return to the "wilderness" here. I am no stranger to the ocean and ocean related things.  
As a kid my family spent a lot of time in Florida, and I grew up with a mask and snorkel on my face. I even had my minor in oceanography in college, with my major being in art. 
So anyway, you'll probably see a lot more of these sea coast paintings for a while, as I deplete my sketchbook of seascapes. Maybe a barn or two just for the locals though. 
14 x14 
acrylic on 140 lb paper
Impressions along the coast

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  1. This is gorgeous and for not living by the sea, you paint it with familiarity. I love the sea, but if a choice had to be made, it would be mountains and trees for sure. I never tire of your art.