Monday, November 25, 2013

Russ Potak 

The New England Winter is making its appearance in its usual November manner. 
Bouts of cold and some snow squalls have left just enough of the white stuff
to inspire me to start painting my winter venue. 
I do love the season for painting, as it offers subject matter
often hidden by the foliage of summer. 
There is a more pronounced mood and the colors can be diverse.
I did this painting from a sketch inspired from one of our 
recent snow events just a few days ago. 
The painting is 16 x 20" and on 200 lb cotton rag paper
I plan to continue to explore more of the winter landscape in my 
paintings as the season progresses. 
There is a distinct feel to winter, and I have a strong desire
to translate this into paint. 
Please check back soon,  and discover what else I have been passionately moved to paint. 

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