Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I am starting to grow weary of the same old, same old. I'm referring to painting.  I feel that there is a "been there done that kind of feeling lately".  I think I have reached a point where I need to launch out with more to say than mere subjectivity. I find subjects in and of themselves starting to bore me. Although, there is good news in this for me.  A new approach. To paint, because I love to paint. To do. The mere act of painting is the thing. Not so much simply just the subject anymore, but rather the inner most expression of the overall painting. The excitement that spawns from the paint wandering in an exploratory manner seeking to uncover more that just a good representation.  The subject being merely the vehicle.  I feel I am growing weary of representational renderings in paint. I therefor, am striking out in this new year, with a  more determined attempt to explore, to uncover and reveal things about my process. Things that I use to  relegate to the back seat in favor of painting a scene, a subject, or a thing. Not that I will not use subjects any longer, but it is just that they will be merely vehicles for getting to where I need to go in my art. And on occasion, I may paint those again, if the spirit moves me to do so. The end result in my painting will not be of the surface qualities, but rather an inward expression.  For all of you, who are familiar with my old more subjective impressionist style, .. I still have plenty of works done from my "Subjective Period" on the market.  A good amount of them can be found on Etsy, while they last. But that era in my art, is closing. I must press on. Newer works will emerge, and I have no idea where they will take me. That, my dear friends, is what its really all about. The exploration. The process. The journey. All things change. I know I am.

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