Thursday, April 8, 2010

acrylic on canvas

I am beginning to really love the use of palette knife, as it lends itself to the effect of texture. I find that texture and impasto, create so much more than just the image. When the paint is revealed in the work, and is used as an energetic force, then the work becomes infused with this combination of image and medium. Not dissimilar to how a sculpture is viewed. The viewer takes in both the image, and the medium. Its a dual experience.
I am confident that I will continue to search out any other means to I can, to achieve the effects that help in the completion of my painting. However, or whatever I need to make the painting work, then that is the most important thing.


  1. Love it! Do you mix any other mediums into the acrylic paint?

  2. Yes, Brigitte- Sometimes I'll use plaster, burlap, crayon, and whatever else works to get the piece done. Its important to make the painting work, no matter how. ~Thanks for the inquiry!