Saturday, April 10, 2010

You ever wonder what Van Gogh did when he wasn't painting. I mean, everybody has an image of artists always in their studios or out in fields, painting away. But, think about it. There is a lot of time in between to think, meander, get ideas, socialize, hang out, have a beer, tend to the garden, or just look for some place to grab a cheap meal. I mean, artists are people. But people with a passion for getting something created with a burning desire, and in the process, that creates a colorful lifestyle at times. Because, REAL artists, live the life in order to create. Everything is put aside for their work. Unlike a hobby or a recreation,.. it is not a fill in occupation to close the dead space up, while they are on to do something else. Usually the artists life, is built around his need to do his work, and not much will he allow to get in the way. I guess, that is why, an artist would choose to live on the edge of starvation, before giving up his work. How many other things can you think of where that drive is so strong? I'm sure it exists with some other passions as well, but artists have, I think, a corner on that determination.
So, when you see an artist doing something else, besides painting, ... it is always best to assume he is filling his spare time with whatever... not the other way around.
Van Gogh and the rest.. built their life around art. It was never a hobby. A real artist, usually can't afford a hobby.

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