Tuesday, January 4, 2011

There are certain time in an artists life where there are dead spots and energized times in the process of creation. As a painter, I find that if not given the time to be in non productive period, the process of working at the easel can sometimes get repetitive and produce tired and sometimes stale work. Artists I think, need that time off, to recharge and sponge up the life and energy that is around them. When that is completed, productivity happens and sometimes it happens rather suddenly and with a whirlwind of activity at the easel. Kind of like, when it rains, it pours, but seldom does it drizzle. Drizzle does not produce any lasting work worthy of staying in the game.
I think I am now entering a phase of high productivity, as I feel a slow time now has passed and I have much work to do, with a renewed vigor and energy. I look forward to this new exploration in my painting. It will be interesting to see, how and if, my work is going to take on any new things in the process, or if I will approach my subjects with a different outlook.
Time will tell.

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