Thursday, March 7, 2013

This is the second  painting on my vertical format pieces. I just started out with this by drawing a few simple suggestive lines that might depict some mountainous terrain, and I worked it a little bit, it became   more suggestive of something I saw in a travel show about Switzerland. I then went with this theme until I had what I thought looked like something alpine and Swiss like. The rest was simply the painting  and completion of that sketched image. Not a lot of mystery to it, as compared to some of the abstracts I do. This one is completely associational. What it is, is what it is. Sometimes its good to come back to this type of art, but invariably, when I do, it doesn't take long before I do 180 degrees, and head back to abstracts. Kind of like food. How often can you eat the same thing over and over. Its nice to explore the variety. Wether in art, music, or food.

Alpine Landscape
12 x 55"
acrylic on 100% cotton rag heavy weight paper
©2013 russ potak

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