Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mocha Java
5 x 7" in an 8x10" frame
©2013 russ potak
For my own purposes of storing work I normally do not frame, but because I am prepping for some of the outdoor fairs and whatnot, I usually pick a few selected works and frame them just to give the viewer a sense of how they might look in a "presentation ready" format, ready to hang. As far as the rest of my works, they are usually "ala carte" .. al fresco, no dressing, no frames. I let the collector decide for themselves as to that. I always maintain that I am a good artist, but I generally leave framing to the experts. My time is to be spent behind the easel as much as I can. Framing and all that it entails would end up not only robbing my time, but my creative juices as well. I do try to hold the framing process to a minimum and focus my attention on my painting. This particular piece was done on canvas, which I affixed to mat board and framed. Because it is acrylic paint, I do not glass it, as I like the painting to be seen as I painted it. Not with glass covering it. I would hope a person, if they feel inclined, to touch the painting. Glass separates the viewer from that experience. 

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  1. I am with you about how much time (and money) it takes to frame art. However, recently I framed a couple of pieces. They were both 16 x 20" canvases and the frames were inexpensive. My oh my, it really made the art work come alive.

    Love this abstract Russ...it has a lot of the colors I often see in your work.