Thursday, May 9, 2013

Me, going video? Well, maybe just for a change of pace for a while. After working on several paintings, and posting them on here as well as Facebook, and Twitter I have encountered many inquires as to the process of working on my paintings. I usually answer the best that I can, but then realized, ... wouldn't it be better to show you than to try to explain? So in response to this, my mini video demos were created. Very simply I might add. I am not one to have a lot of technology at my disposal, and most of these were made using an old outdated digital camera with a 4-5 min shoot capacity time. No lenses, zooms, or anything of that quality. Just a straight on and off button. But, nevertheless I shot my series of mini visual tutorials. This work is produced in over a five segment shoot.  I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to ask any questions and post comments. The original work that was produced in this video, is now posted on my Etsy gallery, at For a better visual representation of it, you may go there to see it. Enjoy the  videos!

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